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Hear from industry insiders from Fitness Australia, Goodlife Health Clubs, Anytime Fitness and more, who discuss the opportunities that lie ahead for Personal Trainers and how you can set yourself up for a successful career in fitness.

Our aim for this Series is to provide confidence in the industry that there is a bright future ahead and now is a great time to invest in your career!


With Adriana Kalidis:

National Fitness Coordinator, Anytime Fitness

Episode 1:

What Lies Ahead For Personal Trainers In Australia

We chat to Barrie about impact of COVID-19 on the fitness industry in Australia and how fitness centres have gone about maintaining business during this period. We also discuss how consumers can't wait to get back into gyms, guidelines for the resumption of fitness businesses and what the industry will look like in the next 6 to 12 months.

With Barrie Elvish: 

CEO, Fitness Australia

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Future Job Prospects For Personal Trainers

We chat to Adriana about the changes to the fitness industry due to COVID-19 and how PTs must be equipped with the skills to not only deliver training face-to-face, but also online in this new digital-focused world. We also discuss what opportunities lie ahead for Personal Trainers who are currently in or looking to enter the fitness industry.

Episode 2:

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How To Stand Out As A Fitness Graduate

We chat to Pete about the re-opening of gyms and not just the implications on staff and clients, but also students looking to complete their Practical Placement. We also discuss what students can do during their work experience to help set them up for a successful future upon graduating.

Episode 3:

With Pete Gleeson:

National PT Manager, Goodlife Health Clubs

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What It Takes To Become A Successful Boutique Business

We chat to Trent about his journey of turning his passion for fitness into the Boutique Fitness Business of the Year. We also discuss the emerging Semi-Private training method, how he has identified his niche market and how the business has managed to adjust to the effects of COVID-19.

Episode 4:

With Trent Pirihi:

Founder, Inner Athlete

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The Skills Pts Need Post-COVID To Gain & Retain Clients

Episode 5:

With Tahnee Donkin:

National PT Manager, Fitness First

We chat to we chat to Tahnee about the rapid evolution of the fitness industry due to COVID-19. We also discuss the skills that all PTs will need to have in order to succeed in these new-look fitness roles, as well as how to best gain new clients and retaining current ones.

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Episode 6:

Making The Most Of Your Fitness Learning Journey

We chat to Luke and Xavier about ways in which students can make the most of their fitness studies right now. We also discuss how they can best prepare themselves for the industry and why it's crucial to be a life-long learner in this space.

With Luke James and Xavier Griffiths:

Lecturers, AFA Education Team

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